The Idea

My name is Nick Clayton, and I started the rvbeast.com with one goal in mind, to provide people all the details related to Recreational Vehicles in one place.

The information I share is based on personal experiences or extensive research which will help people know more about the unique experiences they can have in RV living.

How It Started

Since a very young age, I have lived my life in an RV home. My family liked traveling and has spent years traveling the states. I have enjoyed a life without roots in one place and it has made me fall in love with outdoor living and RV camping.

I always used to help my dad with the RV generator. He taught me everything about RV generators at an early age. Working with him provided me with my base knowledge of RV generators.

While most modern RVs have a built-in generator or solar electric system, we used a portable generator that used gasoline as fuel to provide power to our RV.

As I was growing older, the desire to improve our RV living standards always enticed me. So, I researched various generator upgrades that could supply more power to our travel home.

Constantly upgrading our generators provided me with a lot of personal experience with generators and their capability with different types of RV homes.

When living an RV life, you get to meet other people with similar lifestyles. They also shared their stories and experiences, but I was mostly interested in the type of generator they used in their RV home and what kind of appliances it powered.

That became the very reason for which I started rvbeast.com. I wanted to share my personal knowledge, experience, and research into RV generators to help people pick the best generator for their RV.

I am not planning to stop just with the generator knowledge, as that’s not all I have learned from a lifetime of RV camping.

My true aim is to provide people with all the unique experiences one can live in an RV camping life.

I want to share my experiences because it will make people easily settle into their RV lives and enjoy the passion of outdoor living.

How it’s Going On

Nowadays, I have my own RV home, which I have renovated to best suit my lifestyle. A lifetime experience of RV camping has allowed me to fall in love with the outdoor life.

So, I cannot remain stuck in one place for a long time. My adventurous travels across the states have introduced me to various modern RVs and what they have to offer.

I constantly upgrade my RV and equip it with the best-suited appliances that I can get.

My travels have also allowed me to learn experiences of other RV veterans who have lived their whole lives in RVs, and they just love it.

The information I share on my website is based on personal experience and extensive research which I have done both theoretically and practically.

Although at the moment, my content is limited to RV generators, I have plans to expand the website in the future so that I can share the rest of my experiences.

My education includes an bachelor in Electrical engineering. I have also had experience as a generator mechanic which makes me somewhat of an expert when it comes to RV generators.

My content is not sponsored by any third party, so I can claim to provide my readers with objective assessments, solutions, and suggestions.

Why Read Our Content

The main reason you should read my content is that the general information about RVs and especially RV generators are scattered over the internet.

One can’t seem to find the right information and based on my first-hand experiences, I can provide you with all the details you need to start a perfect RV life.

If you are looking for a portable RV generator, or if you already have one and want an upgrade, I can provide you with the best suggestions.

Moreover, if you are facing any problems while traveling and camping in your RV, I can help you and provide you accurate solutions.

So, check out the content on my page and I hope that it will help you improve your RV life.

Founder and CEO
Nick Clayton