What’s the Fastest Way to Charge RV Batteries?


Just back from the hike and feel like turning on the fan or warming your meal in your RV electric microwave? They are not functioning? DAMN; what could be the reason? Probably your RV battery is as dead as a crispy autumn leaf.

So how to go about it? Are there any fastest ways to charge RV batteries before you get hungry? Here’s what you can do to charge your RV batteries before you boondock.

What’s the Fastest Way to Charge RV Batteries

The 5 Fastest Ways to Charge RV Batteries

Usually, RVs come with deep-cycle-lead-acid-6-or-12-volts batteries that must be charged even if they are not in use. Keeping them charged helps you utilize the battery’s full potential and safeguard battery damage that can happen anytime due to the self-discharge mechanism.

In this post, I will discuss the 5 fastest ways to charge your RV battery. If you want to know what these are, keep reading!

1.    Alternator

One of the fastest ways to charge your RV battery is by charging it with an alternator. It will charge your RV as you drive but the only drawback of this method is that, if you plan to park your RV for a few days, it might run down.

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2.    Solar Power

Another fastest way to charge your RV battery is through Solar Power. Install foldable solar plates into the roof of your RV and move it in the direction of the Sun so it can get as much solar energy as possible. The more it will receive sunrays the faster it will charge.

However, the only drawback of this method is that it depends on the weather! Which is so uncertain. If you tend to go out to a place where the sun rarely comes out, then chances are, you won’t be able to charge your RV battery at all. So the best solution to this problem is to charge it with an alternate charging option such as with an alternator or wind turbine during that time.

3.    Wind Turbine

Just like solar power, Wind turbine relies entirely on the weather. But here is the deal for you! Always keep two charging options with you. For example, Charge your RV battery with an alternator while driving and when you plan to park it in a shade, use a wind turbine.

It will do wonders! A wind turbine is more effective than solar for people who park their RVs in the shade. To make it extra fast, turn out all the appliances when you put your RV battery on a charge.

4.    Electricity Mains/Shore Power

If you want to pick just one way out of all these, I would recommend you to choose the electricity Mains/ Power shore method. Trust me! It will save time. Electricity mains are one of the fastest Sources to charge anything even RVs that consume lots of power.

How to do it? Simply put your RV battery wire into the electricity main hook and that’s it! It will charge your battery in less time.

5.    Generator

You can also charge your battery with a generator but it takes longer than the other methods that we discussed earlier in this post. However, this method comes in handy if you use solar power or an alternator as a way to charge your batteries. When the sun goes out and you are not driving, put your RV battery on a charge via a generator.

Disclaimer: A generator is quite noisy which is not good for the people and animals around you. It also might take all day to charge your RV battery

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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs): Fastest Way To Charge RV Batteries?

1. How to charge RV batteries with shore power?

Hook up the RV power cable to 15, 20, 30, or 50 amperes that work either on an inverter or converter charger to top up your battery. It’s always better to use a surge protector when using shore power, ideally with the electrical management system. That’s because it protects your RV’s electrical system from power surges while keeping low voltage issues.

2. How to charge RV batteries with a battery charger?

Simply plug the power cord of the RV battery house into a 120-volt outlet, and the batteries will start topping up. Also, smart battery chargers often take less time to charge the battery but that entirely depends upon which model of the charger you are using.

3. What Is the Best Way to Charge RV Batteries?

The best way to charge your RV battery depends upon your circumstances. If you live in a hot country, the best way to charge an RV battery is by charging it with solar power. Or if you live in a cold country, a Wind turbine might work best for you.

Similarly, if you are driving, the best method perhaps to charge your RV battery is by charging it with an alternator so it can charge as you drive. If you are someone who preplans everything before going on a long trip, it would be best to plug your RV battery into your house’s main electricity. It will charge your RV battery the fastest.

After putting it on a charge, meanwhile, you can pack up other stuff. If nothing is within your reach, use a generator to charge it. In short, every method is best depending upon your condition.

4. How long to charge the RV battery?

It solely depends on the size, type of battery you are using, and the power source. It can take up to several hours to recharge the RV batteries or may take a few days to top up in winter if you are relying on solar energy.

Summing Up

To sum it up, the fastest way to charge an RV battery is by plugging it into an electricity main. If you need to put your RV battery on a charge while driving, use an alternator. To make it more effective, turn off all the other appliances in your RV so it can solely charge your battery. In this way, it will take less time to charge. If you live in hot or cold weather, solar power and wind turbines are the fastest ways to charge your RV battery.

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